The Rocky Revival of Vinyl Records by Poh Si Teng and Erica Bernstein published September 14, 2014 by The New York Times

The Business section of the New York Times published this multimedia film/report on the small but booming business of creating vinyl records in a digital world. Though the black block cut-outs for text is in the style of The New York Times digital shorts, it is distracting and takes away from the image of the factory. Blocking footage of the small warehouse that is in high demand, despite back orders, directly after the owner talks takes away from fully showing the small establishment and limited employees. The focus on the machinery involved, from the tight shots to images of the aging technology was a strong and simple visual of how technology has advanced but stil doesn’t entirely satisfy the vinyl-loving community.

The music selection used for the employee who isn’t passionate about his job, doesn’t own a turntable and doesn’t have a huge appreciation for the music he reproduces on vinyl was in stark contrast to the hipper tunes used for his boss. The choice in music alteration depending on the subject interviewed (in this case, the unimpressed employee) was indicative of a generation, long since passed, who didn’t understand the appeal of The Beatles and Elvis on The Ed Sullivan Show when Lawrence Welk was on television at the same time. Though vinyl is a step backwards it is starting a new movement within the music industry. And due to this fact, The New York Times rightfully cast a light on this growing business that has a resurgence within the hipster crowd, who just like the the budding hippies of the 1960s, felt a need to start a movement and found music to be the most universal movement of them all.

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