The Wall Street Journal’s Tinkerers Turn To Home- Automation by Bradley Hope published October 15, 2015, gives insight into the Iron Man-like bedroom workings of Jeremy Blum. The bedroom workings controlled by voice activation, tablets and computers was christened JARVIS by Blum. JARVIS: Jeremy’s Astute Residential Virtual Intelligent System is named in honor of Tony Stark’s own digital manservant who makes his life easier, or in Blum’s case, a lot lonelier.

The film spends a great deal of time going in and out of focus until I wasn’t quite sure if my eyes were so fatigued after one minute of this greatly overused technique or if the film footage was actually out of focus. Blum’s bedroom didn’t give the videographer a great deal of space to work with, so it is understandable he had to improvise and focus on the smaller aspects made visually appealing instead of turning the bedroom into a grey claustrophobic tomb. The camera tucked into the wall to give a wide shot of Blum at his computer and the entire bedroom 48 seconds into the film worked as did the fade to black as Blum told JARVIS to turn off the lights.

All-in-all it was an interestingly little film and though it was entirely out of the journalist’s control, Blum’s grey bedroom offered very little variety and it occasionally came across like the film was on repeat even one minute in because of this. But, since this isn’t Hope’s fault it is still a fascinating look into the minds of those who inspire our future technology advancement.

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