The Telegraph’s October 16, 2015 “Secrets of Pompeii brought to life using a CT Scanner” isn’t exactly a catchy title that rolls off the tongue very easily but reporter Grace Dean’s video is quite interesting. The topic of Pompeii might not be  considered relevant news for many, as the volcanic eruption that destroyed Pompeii in its entirety occurred in 79 AD, but it is the fact that it happened so long ago that the new findings prove valuable.

The black bar across the bottom of the film where the necessary subtitles are placed is more visually appealing than the standard New York Times black box covering footage. This film’s black bar still shows footage and isn’t as disruptive. The interview conducted with the man framed in portrait shot  was a nice change from predictable interviews, of a technician wearing a lab coat at a desk drawling on, as he described the Mediterranean diet that prevented Pompeii citizens from getting cavities.

The film is fascinating and provides access the tourist shown in the beginning get to see. Images of tourists, a baby crawling on the road, tight shots of syringes, mummified corpses going into the CT scanner, pushed in a wheelbarrow and the makeshift working stations created a well-rounded story.

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