Why Do Seals Have Wavy Whiskers is the multimedia film by Popular Science and filmed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The science vocabulary and and methods used aren’t common knowledge in the least so this film provides interesting graphics, photos, and underwater footage that move the film along at a steady pace without stalling to explain. This film could easily have lacked variety in less capable hands and the quality takes a dull subject into something the audience will feel compelled to suddenly be aware of.

Watching a giant robotic machine moving a pole in the the water doesn’t seem fascinating, but the red dye dispersing through the rippling water was excellent B roll to correspond with the interview. Even the close up shots of the researcher’s face seemed as elegant as the footage of the schools of fish in the ocean as did the grainy microscopic photo of whiskers. Proper attribution was provided for the images and footage not created by the filmmakers, but the collaboration of original footage and copyrighted material were seamlessly combined.

All-in-all, talented film-making is evident, as it was in this, when someone can take a truly not fascinating topic, turn it into something you are glad you watched and glad to now have information that you will probably never use in your lifetime.

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