Blog Post #5- J307

AZCentral’s energy reporter Ryan Randazzo took viewers  Inside Containment of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station on October 16, 2015. Opening with a narration providing context as to why he is shown walking through dark halls and wearing a white safety hat. It took a few viewings before I caught on why Randazzo was touring Palo Verde because I was more interested in what the inside of this high security restricted access facility even looks like.

Establishing shots of the outside of the unadorned Palo Verde Nuclear site with thick concrete structures and high walls enforced the idea that this was a rare opportunity for a reporter and even if access is limited, and a great deal of gear must be worn, an opportunity is an opportunity and not to be missed.

I would have liked to hear the instructions given to the tour group instead of repeated by Randazzo. It would have been more interested to know what sort of people are employed and how seriously they take the need for caution. And I really wanted to know why they wore so many layers but left their faces exposed. This to me was a huge distraction that needed answering because I repeatedly stopped listening to Randazzo as I was trying to figure this out.